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Several times a year, more like once a month or twice per quarter we will put out lots of signs that say “We buy Houses” or “Sell your house Fast” or something along those lines. In this particular case, we had some signs put out in the Loganville Ga area where we wanted to buy. Usually we get some calls which are typically a mix of other investors and some folks that actually do want to sell their home.

A seller called us up and was in need of selling a property quickly to get debt relief from the payments and cash out some of the equity. So, we were able to come out to the home and take a look at the repairs needed. It was mainly cosmetic, such as painting the interior, new flooring in the kitchen and new carpeting. The exterior needed a pressure washing due to the green mildew stains that had accumulated over the years, and some minor landscaping. Since the seller had inherited the property, they just wanted it gone because they already had their own house to take care of and this one just became vacant. A family member had been staying in the property and once they left, the seller needed to sell it sooner rather than later.

After meeting with the seller, we agreed to make an offer to purchase the property in “as is” condition. The seller wouldn’t have to do any repairs, other than clean out the belongings that were still there. And we even do that in a lot of cases where the seller just doesn’t want to fool with anything at all. Our offer was fair, based on the fair market value minus any repairs that would need to be done in order to bring up the value. We always advise to our potential clients that they can always just fix up the house themselves if they want and try and sell for market value. Many times it is just more convenient and better for them to sell to us for a fair price, rather then deal with contractors and the hassle of having to continue making the mortgage payments and the utilities. Plus, worry about the property being vacant.

Once we agreed on the particulars of the transaction, we scheduled closing and it was all done within a few weeks. The seller was happy they were able to get the house sold, and we were happy to help them achieve their goals. Once we repaired the home, we had a buyer move in within a few weeks thereafter and they have been there ever since. Let us know if you would like to discuss selling your house anywhere in Metro Atlanta, and we would be more than happy to provide a solution that is win/win for the both of us.


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