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Sell Your House Fast Dacula Ga

We buy houses in Dacula, Ga and we got a phone call one day about a seller who really wanted to sell her home fast in the area. She had seen our website online from a search on google. After calling her back she expressed that she had bought the home for a great deal back in the foreclosure boom when the market collapsed after 2008. She had repaired a few things in the house but hasn't had a chance to do all the repairs necessary to sell it with an Agent on the retail market. She had done that before with another home and just didn't want to have to wait and deal with seller concessions, repairs, and home inspections. So, we scheduled an appointment to go out and take a look. There were lots of items, things, and clutter in the home which we are accustomed to and regularly deal with and have to clean out. Which is no problem, because we have the crews, dumpsters and labor to get it done quickly and with less hassle than to the homeowner to have to do it. The home needed  

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