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One day we were out and about looking at houses, or rehabbing one of our existing homes and we got a call to the office about a guy that wanted to sell his home in Duluth. After we broke off from the work we were doing, we got back to the office and gave this home seller a quick call. He was interested in selling his home around the Duluth area because he needed to move on and help family out in another state for the next few months. He didn’t want to have to worry about a vacant home sitting here and didn’t want to have to pay the mortgage and utilities while out of state for a while.

After sending him our Special Report that explains our buying services in detail, he didn’t call us back right away. However a few weeks later he gave us a call to discuss. From there we spoke over the phone, gathered all necessary information and then scheduled an appointment to go take a look at the home and meet with him.

We pulled up to the front of the home, and there was a Mercedes sitting on the driveway that appeared to be broke down with a flat tire. It was his prized possession and he quickly let us know that the car still works, it just need a few tires. Moving up towards the front door, we noticed that it needed a little pressure washing, and front door repair which is pretty common. These are things that most homes need here and there to keep up with the maintenance and cleanliness of a home.

The inside of the home wasn’t too bad actually. It needed painting and new carpeting for sure. Maroon carpet isn’t one of the new carpet color fads, so we were thinking if we buy this house, that definitely has to go. And the sad thing was, the carpet was in good shape! Anyway, after strolling around the house from room to room and getting the overview of what needed to be done, we sat down with the seller at the kitchen table and started chatting about what he wanted to do.

He expressed to us that he had a family emergency that he wanted to attend to, and really needed out of the responsibility of the home. So we spoke about what we could do and came up with a couple of options. He decided that he wanted the higher pay out option on the home and so we went that direction with the paperwork. We collectively signed our two page agreement for a very fair price and went out the front door and headed out. We told him it would only be a week or two, depending on how long he needed to find a place to move his things into. We were glad we could help him accomplish his goals of being with his family in need.

After closing, we repaired the home with new interior paint, new carpeting, and pressure washed the exterior vinyl siding. This made for a new fresh looking house that had been cared for. Currently we have a lease purchase buyer in the home that is actively trying to qualify for financing to purchase the house from us.

If you are in need of selling your house in Duluth, Georgia or anywhere else in metro Atlanta, give us a call and we will be happy to discuss a win/win scenario for the both of us.


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