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Sell Your House Fast Lawrenceville Ga

Welcome to our website here at Bridgeway Property Group. We buy houses here and all over Gwinnett County as a whole. In this post we will take a look at a homeowner that we purchased a house from in Lawrenceville Georgia, and how it took place. If you need to sell your home fast, call us now or visit our home page here. This particular homeowner had moved out of state to Virginia and needed to go ahead and sell this place that still had a mortgage on the property. Not wanting to let go of the place for years, they had been sitting on it and flying back to Georgia to see it once or twice per year and relying on neighbors to give them  

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Avoid Foreclosure Atlanta

Avoid Foreclosure in Atlanta, Georgia

There are a lot of reasons why someone can find themselves in foreclosure on their home. Bad things happen to good people and if you are in a situation, just know that you can get help. Sometimes if you aren't too far along in the process of foreclosure, you can contact an investor who can strike up a win/win solution for you and the investor. There is a tendency to just try and duck all of the bill collectors and not do anything about avoiding a foreclosure, but getting help can be one of the best things you can do to avoid a foreclosure and ultimately a credit score disaster. If you are getting behind on payments and it is just getting to the point where you don't know where to turn, call us at 678-278-9595 and we will help you the best way we can. That doesn't always mean that we are able to buy the house, but we can certainly let you know what makes the most sense given the unique situation. Although we have purchased properties that were headed for foreclosure, it isn't always possible to do so depending  

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Sell Your House Fast Dacula Ga

We buy houses in Dacula, Ga and we got a phone call one day about a seller who really wanted to sell her home fast in the area. She had seen our website online from a search on google. After calling her back she expressed that she had bought the home for a great deal back in the foreclosure boom when the market collapsed after 2008. She had repaired a few things in the house but hasn't had a chance to do all the repairs necessary to sell it with an Agent on the retail market. She had done that before with another home and just didn't want to have to wait and deal with seller concessions, repairs, and home inspections. So, we scheduled an appointment to go out and take a look. There were lots of items, things, and clutter in the home which we are accustomed to and regularly deal with and have to clean out. Which is no problem, because we have the crews, dumpsters and labor to get it done quickly and with less hassle than to the homeowner to have to do it. The home needed  

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With this particular home it was located in Buford Ga off of the Hamilton Mill Exit and I-85. The homeowner hadn't lived in the property for over 2 years and was just driving by to check on it and make sure it was ok periodically. He really didn't like the fact that it was sitting vacant and didn't know what he wanted to do with it. We sent out some direct mail to absentee owners of homes here in Gwinnett and this home owner happened to get one that peaked his interest. We buy houses Buford, so he called us up and really needed to sell this house. It needed some repairs and had deferred maintenance, but we welcome these properties and are ready to rehab them upon purchase. After settling on a time and date, we drove to the house to meet the homeowner and we looked around. The house looked like it could really be a nice home once some repairs were done but the owner ran a small business and just didn't have the time to renovate the house. Plus, he was on a tight budget and the $15,000 in repairs or so it needed was out of the question for him. We made him an offer, left the agreement with him and he called us back later. Within a few days we agreed on a price and terms and scheduled closing with our closing attorney. We began cleaning up and repairing the home right after the closing, basically the same day or the next, and started the process. The flooring was taken up, new light fixtures went in, a new deck was installed, and a good bit of landscaping was  

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With this particular home that we bought it was from an out of state owner who had tried to sell his house with an agent. They had a little bit of luck, but no one could end up getting financing and close on the home despite the good school district, nice neighborhood and amenities. The seller had re-located to Florida to retire and was still trying to sell his home here in Grayson Ga and wanted to sell it fast. However, the market conditions, repairs needed, and the current lending environment made it more difficult. We experience this all the time with traditional  

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