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Short Sale

Are you underwater on your house and owe more than it is worth? You are probably a good candidate for a short sale and we can help. We partner with a law firm who negotiates and handles that process with your lender. This law firm, unlike most will represent you in the transaction. Typically your lender wants you to have representation because they don’t want to deal with you directly, and so your lender will pay our fees and the attorney’s fees.

To perform a short sale, you have to have 2 things:

1) a hardship that can be proven as to the reason that you can no longer pay your mortgage and

2) a buyer. If you have those 2 things, your lender wants you to do a short sale and they may even pay you to do one. They don’t want your home on their books!

The steps to a short sale are:

1. Continue to do whatever you have been doing – not paying your mortgage, paying your mortgage, living in the home, etc…

2. Get your home listed ASAP to show the lender that you are serious about getting rid of the home and finding them a buyer (we can be the buyer) to take it off your hands.

3. Clean up a little but only clean up, don’t spend money, as the lender does not like for you to do that.

4. Get an inspection from our inspector if there are repairs that the lender needs to know about so that we can send in a professional’s opinion of the condition.

5. Take good photos to have presented to the lender.

6. Start filling out your hardship package that our Attorney will prepare for you.

7. Stop paying your mortgage or continue to pay – your choice. Depending on whom and what kind of mortgage you have, you may be required upon approval to be behind.

8. We can make a cash offer after it’s listed with our Agent who works with our Attorney regarding your short sale package.

9. Wait for an approval – this can take up to 60 days.

10. After we have approval, you will be closing within 25 days so you will need to move if you have not already.

11. You will not have to attend the closing, they can do a mail-away or you can go in early and sign your portion.

The benefits of a short sale to you are:

You will owe the lender no more money unless you agree

If the home is your primary residence, you will not owe the IRS if you close by December 31, 2013

Your credit score will drop slightly but you will be able to purchase again within 2 years – some people are able to purchase immediately

Your credit will not have the mark of Foreclosure, which can be devastating to future employers, landlords and lenders.

Do you qualify for a short sale?

It takes a hardship that your lender feels qualifies to their standards to do a short sale. Hardships include but are not limited to:

  • relocation
  • medical bills
  • loss of job
  • loss of rental income
  • death in the family
  • divorce
  • your adjustable rate mortgage has reset and you can not longer afford your payments
  • you are upside-down in your equity versus what you owe on your mortgage
  • crime in neighborhood
  • can’t afford house

Want to get started? Please fill out the red form on the right side of this page or call us at 678-278-9595! Don’t allow a foreclosure to happen, a short sale is a far better option for you and the economy if you need to get rid of the house!

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Client testimonials

Susan Kurtz

Susan Kurtz

I just wanted to express my gratitude once again. You and Wesley were amazing while I went through the process of selling my house. I truly had my doubts, but you listened to what I wanted and sold the house on my terms. Thank you for helping me keep my sanity and closing the deal quickly. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks! Sue Kurtz Dunwoody, GA

Bruce Nilsson

Bruce Nilsson

My name is Bruce Nilsson and I want to thank Wes and Karen for buying my lake home in Lilburn, Ga. Do to living out of town they were willing to handle and process all the paper work which made it so easy to deal with and made “CLOSING” fast and fun. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to sell their home fast and easy. Their word is their bond. Their love of the industry is evident in their dealings with people. Please feel free to contact me anytime if you have any questions. Bruce Nilsson NTA Investigations

Michael B.

Michael B.

Thanks for your help Wes and Karen with a quick, easy and fair closing since I was in a bind and needed help with my situation. Its great to know that companies like yours are around to handle people’s unwanted properties. We were able to move on and get cash for our property without the hassles of hiring contractors and fixing it up.

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